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Nora Aranberri 9h 20   EN 12.07.-13.07.2019

Course Description:

Translation service providers are increasingly including machine translation systems in their workflows, which means that more than ever, translators are asked to deal with them in their daily work. The natural impulse of translators, trained to carefully seek the perfect equivalent, is to be sceptical and suspicious about automatic translation.  But as experience is showing, translators can greatly benefit from this newly released technology and contribute to ist research.
In this course, you will have the opportunity to explore machine translation first-hand. First, you will learn how the different types of systems are built (rule-based, statistical and neural systems).
Next, you will have the opportunity to analyse and compare their translations to develop awareness about the types of erros each make and consider fixes. You will get a first attempt at post-editing.
Whether you aim for the translation market or research, the course will equip you with the basic know-how to understand machine translation, it strengths, weaknesses and trends. Use it to your advantage!

Language of Instruction:

This course is only available in English.


12.07.2019 09:00-15:30
13.07.2019 08:30-14:30

         Universitas Austria