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The now well-established international summer school SummerTrans, which was founded in Innsbruck in 2004 and offers top-class courses on translation and interpreting in many locations in Eastern and Western Europe (Innsbruck, Saarbrucken, Vienna, Breslau and Krasnodar, amongst others), will once again take place in Innsbruck from July 8th until July 17th 2019. Focusing on the theme of translation theory meets translation practice, the motto of SUMMERTRANS VIII is TRANSLATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE.

Organised by the Department of Translation Studies at the University of Innsbruck in Austria under the auspices of the IATI (International Academy for Translation and Interpreting) in addition to numerous sponsors, the summer school offers a broad variety of courses and workshops on new developments relating to theory and practice in translation and interpreting, from which participants can create their own individual programme. Accordingly, courses on the following topics, amongst others, will be offered in the course programme: utilization and application of corpora in translation, machine translation, pre-editing and post-editing, competency in translation, translation quality and translation methodology from today and tomorrow – between human, market and machine, fundamentals of translation policy, translation cultures in German-speaking countries, new findings in specific types of translation such as specialist translation, legal translation and terminology management, audio-visual translation, film dubbing and subtitling, literary translation, interpreting strategies and interpreting methodology, management of translation projects, requirements for the economically successful practice of translation and interpreting professions, in addition to many more topics.

SUMMERTRANS VIII is aimed at people who are engaged in the field of translation and interpreting:

  • Practicing translators and interpreters who keep pace with new translation technologies and developments in the translation industry, the translation market and in professional practice, and who want to train in working with translation tools and the changing conditions in the professional practice of translation.

  • Students in the discipline of translation / interpreting / translation studies who want to gain credit points for attending elective courses accredited by their home university.

  • Young academics in translation studies who want to: engage in discussion with renowned academics in the field of translation, present their own ideas and projects for discussion, make themselves known amongst the international scientific community in their field and establish modern projects and networks in the field of translation and translation studies.



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